How to Create Youtube Custom Thumbnail


Are you looking for a way to add custom thumbnails for your video? If yes, then you’re at the right place! Ordinary YouTube accounts don’t have a lot of functionality in them so in order to add a thumbnail to your video you may need to become a partner or verify your account. You can also download other video thumbnails using youtube thumbnail grabber

How to Verify your Account?

In order to verify your YouTube account, follow these steps: –

  • First of all, logon to your You tube account
  • Now go to the dropdown menu and then click on Video Manager
  • In the left sidebar click on Channel Settings. Then tap on the Verify button

Now for verification YouTube will ask for your phone number. YouTube will now send you a verification number. Just enter that number and your account will be verified. For confirmation go to Channel Settings and check if you have more features available. If you see the message ‘Custom Thumbnails – Your account isn’t eligible at this time’ then you may need to become a YouTube partner.

Becoming a YouTube partner

In order to become a YouTube partner, you must enable the Monetization feature. By doing this you can add advertisements to your videos. Now the custom thumbnails feature should be available.

Adding YouTube Custom thumbnail to your video: –

Once you have your Custom thumbnails feature enabled follow these steps: –

  • First of all, Click on Video Manager
  • Tap on edit. Now click on “customised thumbnail” then upload your desired image.

Designing a YouTube Custom Thumbnail

Using Canva you can design or create an eye catching thumbnail for your video. Follow these steps to design your thumbnail using Canva

  • First of all go to this link
  • Now signup with your Facebook or Google account
  • Click on the niche of your video.
  • You are now ready to design or create a new thumbnail using Canva.



  • Try to make your youtube custom thumbnail image as large as possible because it will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player. Your custom thumbnail image should be a .GIF, .PNG, .JPG or .BMP
  • The image size should be under 2 MB. Try to keep the image in 16:9 aspect ratio because it is most commonly used in YouTube videos


Final Words

You can now design youtube custom thumbnails for your own video. In a nutshell adding custom thumbnails to your video is not that hard you just have to verify your account or become a Youtube partner.


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