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YouTube Thumbnail Grabber





How to Use Youtube Thumbnail Grabber tool

YouTube Thumbnail Grabber is a free online tool thatallows you to download any YouTube thumbnailimage from the YouTube video itself. Check out step-by-step guide to know how it done:

Step 1:Open YouTube website

Step 2:Copy the URL of the video

Step 3: Go to YouTube Thumbnail Grabber website

Step 4:Paste the URL in the box > Press ‘Click Here’ button

Step 5: You will see YouTube Thumbnail images appear on your screen of various sizes

Step 6:Right-click on the image > Select Save Image As > You’re done!


FAQ Section

How do you make a Thumbnail on YouTube?

Once you have logged in to YouTube account, select a video on which you need to change thumbnail and follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click on Edit Video just below the description

Step 2:At Info and Settings menu, you will see 3 images > Hover the mouse on those images and click Set as Thumbnail

Step 3: Select Custom Thumbnail option to upload your own picture

Step 4: If you do not find Custom Thumbnail option, then you’re not eligible for custom thumbnail

Step 5: For that, you need to create Learn More option > Go to Creator Studio>Video Manager

Step 6: Click Edit > Choose a Thumbnail > Click on Save Changes

What are Thumbnails on YouTube?

YouTube Thumbnails are like the billboard of your videos. They help users in deciding whether they should opt to watch your videos. Well-designed thumbnails can attract more viewers and therefore can increase Subscribers/Viewers by making eye-catching thumbnails.

How do you put a Thumbnail on YouTube Mobile?

Step 1: Install YouTube app on your Play Store/iTunes Store

Step 2: Also install Youtube Studio from the store

Step 3:Open Youtube Studio app > Click on Videos

Step 4: Select the video you want Editand Add Thumbnail

Step 5:Click on the Edit icon> Now Edit Thumbnail

Step 6:Click on Custom Thumbnail to upload an image

Step 7: Tap Save and the thumbnail will be updated

What are Thumbnails on my Android Phone?

Similar to how you get YouTube Thumbnail on YouTube Mobile as discussed in the second question.